Accra Edit

Governorate of Ambon Edit

Amsterdam Island (Spitsbergen) Edit

Arguin Edit

Aruba Edit

Governorate of the Banda Islands Edit

Dutch Bengal Edit

Berbice Edit

Dutch Brazil Edit

British Virgin Islands Edit

Cayenne (Dutch colony) Edit

Dutch Celebes Edit

Chartered company Edit

Coromandel Coast Edit

Dutch Coromandel Edit

Curaçao and Dependencies Edit

Demerara-Essequibo Edit

Demerara Edit

Dutch Cape Colony Edit

Dutch Ceylon Edit

Dutch colonial rule of Taiwan Edit

Dutch East Indies Edit

Dutch Gold Coast Edit

Dutch Island (Rhode Island) Edit

Dutch Malabar Edit

Dutch Mauritius Edit

Dutch Suratte Edit

Dutch Virgin Islands Edit

Essequibo (colony) Edit

Dutch Formosa Edit

Fort Ninigret Edit

Gorge Edit

Kunta Kinteh Island Edit

Dutch Loango-Angola Edit

Dutch Malacca Edit

Maputo Bay Edit

Netherlands Antilles Edit

Netherlands New Guinea Edit

New Holland (Acadia) Edit

New Netherland Edit

New Netherland settlements Edit

Operation Trikora Edit

Pomeroon (colony) Edit

Rodrigues Edit

Senegambia (Dutch West India Company) Edit

Sint Eustatius and Dependencies Edit

Dutch Slave Coast Edit

Smeerenburg Edit

Surinam (Dutch colony) Edit

Suriname Edit

Tangasseri Edit

Tidore Edit

Tobago Edit

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